Henry Thomas McNally
Henry Thomas McNally


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Bijans Brooklyn

creative Director, branding, graphic design, intial typesetting

Bijan’s Brooklyn, is a trendy, established Persian fusion bistro that was in need of new branding and website design. My plan was to recreate the visceral experience of visiting the restaurant through the website’s design. I used a red and gold color scheme, taking my cue from the heavy crimson curtains and shimmery gold concrete floor. All accent colors were taken from the assorted muted chairs in the space. I hired local Brooklyn photographer Dennis Manuel to shoot the restaurant, and then carefully curated content to create a memorable and synchronous online presence. I used the Gotham typeface for easy readability and style, created all the patterned motifs for the menus and the website with Photoshop, and completed the initial menu typesetting using Indesign. I went with a laminated bi-fold card design for the menus to protect them from water damage and to enhance the light reflection while in the dimly lit dining environment.


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Vilella Law

branding, graphic design

New York law firm Vilella Law, required rebranding and a logo since they have recently expanded and opened a new office in New Jersey. They requested a professional yet stylish presence. I incorporated an oversized V and used the Roman font Trajan, which is noticeably used in many municipal buildings including state and city court buildings.


Original Letterhead


Redesign of Letterhead


Logo #1 General use for both offices

Logo #2 New York office only



Jessica-Rose Lasak

branding, graphic design

Jessica-Rose Lasak is a New York based multimedia artist and designer who wanted to update her logo. The logo needed to be modern, strong, and feminine. She has always had an image of a rose, alluding to her middle name. In my redesign I chose the font Garamond for its strong modern lines, and simplified the rose image to pink outlines, creating more delicate imagery. I eliminated the differences between the two logos by keeping the color and font constant, adding to brand recognition. This expanded on the original design while keeping in line with what the client desired.


Original. logo #1


Original logo #2


Redesign of logo #1


Redesign of logo #2