Henry Thomas McNally
Henry Thomas McNally



I am an NYC-based UX Designer, with an affinity for collaborative design. The logical and analytical aspect of UX, along with its creative and empathetic character is the perfect environment for my curious and artistic mind. I came to UX design by way of Fashion Design; I've freelanced and worked within small high-end ateliers for over ten years. The design process, although creative, runs parallel to the scientific method in its rigid steps and can be transferred to any creative field.

Having been born and raised in New York City, one of the cultural centers of the world, I was exposed to the foremost styles in fashion, art & music. Between the 80's street artists, the 90's club-scene, the city’s various museums, and the global viewpoint of New York, my exposure to the avante-garde from an early age has left a lasting impact on my sense of Design. As an avid traveller I’ve been to Egypt, Central America, Iceland and Continental Europe, within the last few years. I have enriched my design sense by immersing myself in different cultures with longer than usual stays .


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